View GTB in the GUI

GTB is a binary encoded file format that cannot be accessed using a regular text reader. The GBC toolkit provides a variety of ways to access GTB files based on the command line and API, including exporting to text formats (e.g., VCF, TSV formats), and compressed text formats. In addition, GBC provides a lightweight Java Swing based visualization window. Use the following command to open the GUI window to view GTB files:

java -jar gbc.jar gui <input>

In the GUI (CCFViewerFrame), information about the genotype in terms of allele frequency, allele count is provided instead of displaying the details of the genotypes.

For example, to view the remote example file using the GBC:

java -jar gbc.jar gui

Then, the operating system with GUI displays the following window:


[!DANGER|label:This feature is not available for non-GUI operating systems.|style:callout]

No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.

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