KGG:A systematic biological Knowledge-based mining system for Genome-wide Genetic studies
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Note: KGG is no longer maintained since January 2022. The functions (gene-based association, DESE and gene-set-based association) in KGG have been inherited to its daughter tool KGGSEE. KGGSEE also has multiple new cool functions, including gene-based Mendelian randomisation and heritability estimation.

KGG (Knowledge-based mining system for Genome-wide Genetic studies) is a software tool to perform knowledge-based secondary analyses of p-values from genome-wide association studies (GWAS). The knowledge-based secondary analyses include gene-based, gene-pair-based and gene-set based association analysis.It is implemented by Java with a user-friendly graphic interface to facilitate data analysis and result visualization. Build on advanced algorithms, it is able to process up to 10 million variants in several hours with 15GB RAM on a workstation.
KGG4 currently provides 6 types of secondary analyses:
  Gene-based association;
  Conditional gene-based association;
  Multivariate gene-based association;
  Gene-pair-based association;
  Gene-set-based association;
  Driver-tissue estimation.
In addtion, it also provides hyperlinks to several useful bioinformatics annotation databases on sequence variants (GWASrap), genes (GeneCards) and pathways (MsigDB).

Please read the user-manual of KGG4 for details.
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