IGG: A tool to Integrate Genotypes for genome-wide Genetic Studies


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IGG is an open-source Java package with graphic interface to efficiently and consistently integrate genotypes across high throughput genotyping platforms (e.g., Affymetrix and Illumina), the HapMap genotype repository (http://www.hapmap.org/), and even genotypes from the collaborators¡¯ projects. It is equipped with a series of functions to control qualities of genotype integration and to flexibly export genotypes for genetic studies as well.
IGG 3.0 has been released! Download it!

Some Points of IGG3 you may be interested in:

  • Very fast integration of whole-genome genotypes for poplular Affymetrix and Illumina DNA chips;
  • Ability to integrate whole-genome genotypes of TENS OF THOUSAND subjects by using less than 1.5 Gigabtye memory;
  • Integration of the latest unphased HapMap genotypes (including Phase III) and the PHASED genotypes;
  • Specical functional module to ease genotype IMPUTATION.
Comments and suggestions are welcome, please e-mail limiaoxin@mail.sysu.edu.cn
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