Overview of GTB

The following command is used to view summary information (file size, field names and their types, dimension of the genotype) for a GTB file:

java -jar gbc.jar show <input>

For example, use GBC to view summary information for the remote example file https://pmglab.top/gbc/download/assoc.hg19.gtb :

$ java -jar gbc.jar show https://pmglab.top/gbc/download/assoc.hg19.gtb

Summary of GTB File:
    GTB File Name: https://pmglab.top/gbc/download/assoc.hg19.gtb
    GTB File Size: 1.653 MB
    Dimension of Genotype: 78881 variants and 983 subjects
    GTB Format: 
        Phased: true
        ZSTD Compression Level: 16
        Block Size: 16384
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